Alisa Amador

Alisa began performing as a backup singer for her parents’ bilingual Latin folk band Sol Y Canto at age five. This is where her ease with performing comes from; she and her twin brother grew up touring extensively with their parents’ band. Through their high school years, Alisa and her twin were often crammed into a minivan or backstage, loading in and out, and passing time making Styrofoam puppets out of coffee cups and stirrers.

Alisa began playing classical guitar at age 10, inspired by her father, and eventually found the electric guitar a decade later. The new instrument was versatile enough to honor her many influences and styles. “I was 19, and playing it felt like coming home.” When listening to Alisa’s music, her time spent immersed in Latin folk and jazz is undoubtedly present in her own songs, written in both English and Spanish. But there is also pop, funk, soul, and something uniquely her own. Alisa’s specialty is sparking connection, across both listeners and musical styles.

We invite you to join us at Cape Cod Jazz Festival Wednesday, July 12

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