Afternoon SwifTea

Experiences Overview

December 15th, 22nd, 27th, 29th at 2:30PM
Wequassett Resort


  • $65 Per Person

It's A Love Story

Afternoon SwifTea

Inspired by the timeless elegance and lyrical charm of Taylor Swift, sip on delicate teas, savor delectable finger sandwiches, and indulge in an array of sweet treats that mirror the sophistication of her melodies. Play dress up with the finest Taylor accessories from pink boas and tiaras from our SwifTea Wardrobe, snap a picture using your Polaroid camera at your table, and swap friendship bracelets. And for an extra bit of glam, Cape Cod Mermaid Hair will be there to string in hair tinsel!

Celebrate being a Swiftie with a hint of holiday cheer!


Sweet Like Sugar

Tea Menu

Our carefully curated menu is a whimsical blend of flavors inspired by Taylor Swift’s The Era’s Tour. Each tea is named after a hit song from her albums like a Love Story Victoria Chai or a You Need to Calm Down Marrakesh Mint. Your tea tray will include Taylor’s favorites like Chai Sugar Cookies and Gingerbread Scones! Don’t forget to grab a Wequassett holiday bracelet from our SwifTea Tree before you leave!


Price is $65 per person and includes a tea tray, pot of tea, and a SwifTea friendship bracelet.