Gabrielle Stravelli

Vocalist and songwriter Gabrielle Stravelli blends musical traditions with a modern, genre-bending sensibility. The rhythmic swing of jazz frames her original compositions while as an actor and storyteller she reinterprets the Great American Songbook as well as works by contemporary artists as varies as Willie Nelson, Chick Corea and John Fogerty. Unexpected, highly individual choices are her trademark.

Tonight’s show, “Pick Up My Pieces: Gabrielle Stravelli Sings Willie Nelson”, is a jazz and blues exploration that mines Nelson’s earliest works to his most recent.

Just when the shore of song seems lost for all the fog, the voice of Gabrielle Stravelli cuts through like a lighthouse of emotional integrity.” – Downbeat

Listening to the jazz singer Gabrielle Stravelli is like imbibing a potent cocktail whose flavor changes as you drain the glass…she dipped and swooped, twirling notes and phrases with a confidence and playfulness that recalled Ella Fitzgerald in her prime…” – The New York Times

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We invite you to join us at Cape Cod Jazz Festival Wednesday, August 2

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