Natalie Douglas

“To Nina…a tribute to Nina Simone”

Thirteen-time MAC Award, two-time Backstage Bistro Award and Nightlife Award Winner Natalie Douglas and her Music Director Brian Nash, make their Cape Cod Jazz Festival debut, performing her popular hit show: “To Nina…a tribute to Nina Simone.” Natalie has wowed audiences on three continents with this critically acclaimed celebration of the iconic Dr. Nina Simone – a pivotal artist of the Twentieth Century and one of Natalie’s principal influences, filling her early musical memories with the dignity, grace and emotional power that was Nina Simone.

Extraordinary. A true force of nature, she squeezes a phenomenal amount of material into the evening. Yet by the end, you simply want her to carry on into the small hours.” – Clive Davis, The Times (UK)

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We invite you to join us at Cape Cod Jazz Festival Wednesday, August 16

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