Soul Shift with Maureen Hancock

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Friday, March 1st - Sunday, March 3rd, 2024
Wequassett Resort

with Maureen Hancock

Soul Shift

Rediscover your inner self at the first-ever Soul Shift weekend with Maureen Hancock at Wequassett. Engage in a variety of therapeutic and mindful activities, including Meridian gentle yoga, meditation, aura readings, and more. Nurture spiritual connections and embrace the New Year with a dedicated focus on self-care. 

Attend solo, bring your significant other, or join with friends – this retreat promises to be a truly memorable and life changing experience for everyone.


Maureen Hancock

Maureen Hancock is a globally recognized Spirit Medium, intuitive, teacher, lecturer, Holistic Healer, and bestselling author of the book “The Medium Next Door: Adventures of a Real-Life Ghost Whisperer.”

For decades, Maureen has dedicated herself to demystifying the profound topic of death, guiding individuals to strengthen their intuitive abilities and connect with messages from the spirit realm. As a teacher, her work has provided comfort, hope, and healing to diverse audiences. Maureen has conducted intuition-building workshops for law enforcement, medical professionals, financial experts, and the general public. She finds fulfillment in giving back by helping individuals with terminal illnesses, providing support to newly bereaved parents, and delivering motivational talks on subjects like life after death, stress management, intuition, and perspective building.

Your Experience

Weekend Itinerary


6:30 pm to 8:30 pm –  Meet and mingle with Maureen in the Private Dining room with a view of Pleasant Bay. Indulge in delightful appetizers, savor cocktails, and delve deeper into the details of the transformative spiritual journey that awaits you during the Soul Shift adventure. Experience a tranquil bedtime meditation.  Engage in simple breathing exercises and recite uplifting mantras, preparing yourself for a night of complete rest and rejuvenation.


10 am to noonEmbark on a morning of revitalization with rejuvenating practices such as Chi Gong, Tai Chi, Meridian gentle yoga, and Chakra clearing balancing. Immerse yourself in the captivating worlds of aura reading and intuition-based nutrition, uncovering unexpected insights into your life through the revelations of your aura.

Noon to 1pm – Recharge and delight in a revitalizing lunch with the group

2 pm to 5 pm – The afternoon schedule includes a variety of activities, such as past life regression, an acupressure clinic, Reiki self-care attunement, intuitive exercises designed to enhance one’s intuitive abilities, and “Postcards from Heaven,” which highlights connections with the spiritual realm. 


10 am to 11:30am – Conclude the weekend with a session of Mindful Meditation, fostering final connections with the spirit and embracing self-care for the New Year.