Mary c and the stellars.

Mary C. and the Stellars

Mary C and the Stellars captivating performances continue to electrify and energize crowds all over the globe. She has drawn the attention of various music and media outlets including VH1, BRAVO TV, AOL MUSIC, BUZZFEED, USA TODAY, ELLE MAGAZINE, SIRIUS RADIO, THE HUFFINGTON POST & more.

Their sound is a unique mix of Rock and Soul, highlighted with a blend of pop, blues, and a touch of funk. They have shared the stage with Nick Jonas, The Revivalist and opened for GRAMMY award winning artist Thievery Corporation. They were hand selected to open the Women’s final Match at the US OPEN and have been featured at Rachael Rays festival concert in Austin TX. Stellars give you a taste of New York City – sass, style & soul.

“Mary C is simply, Mary C. An electrifying performer who is killing it with her band, The Stellars”

“Powerhouse vocalist, Mary C – soulful, blues drenched voice calls to mind Amy Winehouse or

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